Just a few days ago we reported–as part of our Side B feature–on Demi Lovato’s incredible personal journey. Demi is a fighter and I myself love her for that. It’s not important what her problems are; what is more important is that she fights through them and sets a good example for her fans.

So, when Demi released the video for Confident, the title track from her upcoming album to be released on October 16, I had to take a peak. You should too because the track is a good one as is the video and Demi shines in it alongside Michelle Rodriguez. Take a look.

Of her banner month which includes the spot for Vanity Fair and her impending record release, Demi had this to say:

“I went from being in a place where I was suffering from an eating disorder and hating every single inch of my body to now baring my legs and showing more skin in front of the whole world and being proud of my body instead of loathing it. It’s important for me to show people you can go from hating to yourself to loving yourself and being proud of your body and the skin you’re in.”

If the video of Confident is a sign of what is to come then Lovato fans themselves should feel “confident” that they are in store for some great entertainment. It’s a win-win for everyone; on and off the stage. I am “confident” of that.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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