Fred Beato (l.) and David Pack (r.)

We here at Beato’s Blog are so excited for our partner, Fred Beato, and his longtime friend and renowned performer/producer/songwriter/director and Grammy Winner, David Pack, as the duo were just featured in a piece in The Daily Breeze (Torrance, California) and you can read that article here. So what’s the hoopla all about? Well, we invite you to check out the story as reported by The Daily Breeze but we will add this.

Dave and Fred have reunited after many years and this is a reunion that is a profound one to say the least. It’s also sure to warm any heart as the personal aspect of this story is a great one.  The pair have known each since high school and the story of their separation and reuniting is nothing short of compelling; in fact, it’s a must read. Rounding out this great event is the announcement that Dave and Fred are due to release their first album as Beato Band on February 26, 2016 (PackBeat Records). Fred and Dave 3

Editor’s Note: For more information on performances, the album and contact information, please visit Beato Band’s website at where you can sign up for an alert email when the album is available for pre-sale. Also visit Beato Band’s Facebook page at

As the story goes Dave and Fred played in a musical group in high school which achieved some success.  After high school, like many of us, the pair drifted and they took different paths in their respective lives and careers. Fred Beato went on to start and develop (and yes we’re biased on this one) the best drum bag business on the planet. Along the way Fred also garnered a reputation in the music industry as one of the nicest guys you will meet and deal with. He also never lost his chops as a drummer and the new album will show that.

Editor’s Note: If you are a drummer or percussionist, Beato Bags are the deal hands down and you can visit their website at

Dave Pack went on to front the epic and highly successful rock group Ambrosia and since then he hasn’t missed a beat. Dave has continued to amass an astonishing and impressive career which includes–and we don’t have enough ink to print it all folks–his Grammy winning work as a producer for many national artists (including Phil Collins and Kenny Loggins); his role as director and producer for President Clinton’s inaugural balls in 1993 and 1997;  countless appearances and performances with well known artists on recordings and live performances and, so much more.

Editor’s Note: To find out more about Dave Pack–and believe us, there’s a lot to find out–please visit Dave’s website at We would also recommend that you check out Dave’s work on Napa Crossroads which you can find at

What I find so compelling about this story is that it has so many sides to it. Fred and Dave 2As a human interest story it’s one of the best I heard of. The story is a winner even without music. However, as a musical work, the album is a diverse and impressive collection of styles and genres culminating in Dave’s ode to Fred in Cuba B.C. and the duo’s catchy (and apropos) track entitled My Old Friend. I would invite all of our readers to take a listen. You won’t be disappointed. Finally, there is simply the fun side to this record. Simply put, Dave’s voice is still as true as it was in 70s and 80s and Fred’s infectious and balanced beats are quick to get feet tapping. On this one, you can hear the fun. Overall, this record–and indeed the whole experience–is a really good one and it’s great to see.

So again from all of us here at Beato’s Blog we want to wish Dave and Fred the best of luck and congratulate them both on their stories, their record and most importantly, their friendship. We can all learn a lot from this story and the music behind it.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor





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