Here at Beato’s Blog we are pleased to introduce a new feature entitled Side “B.” We all know that much of our daily feeds are consumed with drama and just simply nothing but bad news. It can be depressing to say the least.

So, we have decided to put out a new feature entitled Side “B.” This feature is dedicated to the “other side” of people that usually doesn’t go to the head of the line; it’s material that is often buried on the back page, so to speak. So instead of talking about debauchery or criminal acts we want to feature the other side of people and give them a forum. Some might even say this is the side that we need to see more of and talk about more about.

Listen, we all know that life is full of tragedies, mishaps, and misfortune. Indeed, that is part of life; for everyone. However, the opposite is also true; life can sometimes be kind, reveal good things, and, uncover people who are simply trying to give back and who want to make a difference. Why we don’t talk about the latter is a topic for another day but for now, we want to talk about it. So if Side “B” adds one smile to the world or enlightens one heart, then we feel it was all worth it. We sure hope you agree.






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