Recent world events stemming from senseless acts of terror have undoubtedly shaken us all. It seems like one cannot turn on the news or read a newspaper without seeing some mention of terror occurring somewhere in our sometimes violent world. Indeed, the not so distant attacks in Paris stand as a stark reminder to everyone that terror indeed exists and it is real. Closer to home, the annual remembrance of 9/11 sometimes seems just as real as the months after the actual event. Sobering, to say the least.

The question of how we deal with these issues–which clearly transcend music, the arts, and entertainment–is better left to informed and intelligent (and hopefully reasoned) political minds whose job is to keep us safe and out of harms way. The question of whether we go on in our normal lives despite these events, however, is up to us. Our normal lives include attending concerts and many different events surrounding our love for music.

In our view our decision can only be one; we must carry on. There are several reasons supporting that proposition. First, terrorism is just that–it is a means of creating fear and terror which is meant to paralyze societies, disrupt lives and derail economies. Terrorism unfortunately takes innocent lives by calculated acts of violence which cannot be justified under any circumstances and by playing into the fear we concede a victory to the terrorists. We cannot be fearful. Cautious yes, but terrorized, no. Second, our country did not become as great as it is by accepting a hostage role. We have always fought back and now is not the time to change that course. Finally, those many lives that were lost in senseless and inhumane acts around the world should not be forgotten and acknowledged by closing doors and cancelling events. Instead, we need to simply carry on. Indeed, that the is the way of life. Life, as they say, moves on.

But there’s one more thing. Nothing in this life is free and that includes our freedom. Despite our willingness to move on we also have to be prepared for consequences and restrictions in our lives. The story the other day of metal detectors now being used at Disneyworld, Sea World, and Universal is but one example of changes that are occurring. We need to learn patience and to tolerate what needs to be done to keep us safe.

In the end we should participate and move on despite the threat of terrorism. However, we also need to learn to tolerate what needs to be done to protect us. It’s just another thing to understand in our difficult world.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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