Not many venues in America can match the magic, mystique, and history of the iconic Baked Potato which is located in Studio City, California. A mere stone’s throw away from film and television studios as well as the homes of many prominent musicians and actors, this venue and the many stories and experiences associated with it are nothing short of a wondrous adventure through music history. The musicians and careers that have begun at the Potato are endless and with the 50th Anniversary of the Potato upon us, we were thrilled to take a few moments to sit down with the effervescent Justin Randi–owner and operator of the Baked Potato–to get his unique perspective on this charmed location. If you are a musician, listening to Justin talk of the Potato is a must watch and we invite you to check out our interview with Mr. Randi below.

Mr. Randi, you are continuing the magic of the Baked Potato brilliantly and we wish you another 50 years of magic-making success. Rock on sir.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor