Nick Massaro

We felt we just had to mention a special gig as part of our Side B series which as you know, is dedicated only to featuring stories about the better side of musicians.  So, for this installment of Side B we head to the Jersey Shore and more specifically, to The Patio Bar in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

The Patio Bar
The Patio Bar

The Patio Bar was the host venue for tonight’s annual Patio Palooza, a musicial celebration wherein Jersey Shore musicians close out the Summer season by thanking fans as well as paying homage to one of the best venues on Jersey Shore; The Patio Bar.

2015 promotional poster
2015 Palooza promotional poster

For this year’s event, however, there was an added and very special purpose; it was to help a fellow musician who is suffering from pancreatic cancer. The musician, Nick Massaro (shown above), is the regular bassist for The Mike Dalton Band as well as The Jamie Brown Band. Massaro is batting the disease and to aide in the fight Palooza organizer Mike Dalton chose to bring it front and center and earmark all proceeds generated at this year’s Palooza  specifically for Massaro who unfortunately is without health insurance.  (Massaro just underwent surgery on September 10 and is recovering).

In addition to the Palooza fundraiser, a Gofundme campaign was started for Massaro and anyone interested should visit the Gofundme page established for Nick or reach out to Mike Dalton via Facebook.  Mike’s Facebook page is replete with updates and further information for those who are looking to help.

Palooza is always a success and a fun outing from the point of view of building comradery amongst Jersey Shore musicians who are fortunate enough to work in the one of the best circuits in our country.

Musicians playing at Palooza (photo courtesy of Joe Barracato)
Musicians playing at Palooza (photo courtesy of Joe Barracato)

However, add in a real life purpose to the event and it is quickly transformed into a musical communal gathering where the idea is to simply play and remember that you are fortunate to be able to do so. Musicians have an uncanny way of coming together when it is needed most.  Tonight that mission was accomplished Palooza style.

So we here at Beato’s Blog salute Palooza organizer Mike Dalton, The Patio Bar, and all the musicians and bands that came out at this year’s Patio Palooza and gave their time to perform in honor of a sick comrade. This event is a good thing for a couple of reasons.  Musicians are special people; all of us.

Nick Massero
Nick Massaro

However, often we, as musicians, are the first to forget just how lucky we are to be able to do what we do regardless of the level you play at, the venues you perform in, or, the genre you work in. Musicians belong to a special fraternity and although Nick Massaro’s case should stand as a sobering reminder as to just how quickly things in life can change, it should also be a reminder that when faced with difficult situations like Nick’s, that if musicians band together for a cause that something can always be done about a difficult situation. Life is not fair or forgiving at times and we, as musicians, can truly make a change if we really want to. Situations like Nick’s help remind us of the power of the music that is in all of us.

Tonight Nick was clearly in everyone’s thoughts which is the way it should have been.  That, in my opinion, made it a great gig…..Palooza style.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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