Sooo…it’s Bruce Springsteen’s birthday today. For some a national holiday. For others, a big so what.

But no matter what side of the Bruce fence you find yourself, you do have to hand it to him. The guy is defying so many of the odds. He’s 67 and he’s still giving 3+ hours of performances. He just completed a North American and European tour that will probably end up as the largest grossing tour of the year. And wait, he’s not done, he’s headed to Australia for an entire month of dates early in 2017.

Like who exactly is this guy and how does he keep doing it??? He’s in stellar shape and he eats right; that we know. And he’s got more drive than most of us have. So is that it? Is that his secret sauce?

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Since 1976 I’ve both loved and loathed Bruce. Cause there’s lots to love and there’s lots to not love so much. But at the end of every hard earned day he still fills a musical void that no one else can touch. What I think I dig about him the most is that he really believes in the power of music. The power of music to touch people’s soul. The power of music to heal. The power of music to move people and situations. He’s experienced it in his own life so his message and it’s delivery is authentic and cuts right to the chase.

And whether you like Springsteen or not; he’s good to have around. It’s good to have a rock and roll senior citizen still out there, vibrant and still delivering the goods. Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and the Rolling Stones are still doing it. But that’s not gonna last forever folks. So enjoy it while you can.

Happy Birthday Bruce with many more to come.

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