When you meet some people in this industry you sometimes just don’t know what to expect.  Candidly however, these are usually the best interviews and in this case, our sit down with the vivacious and energetic Cecilia Noel, again proved our point. IMG_2177Whether or not you are a fan or follower of Latin music, you can’t help but to love and admire Cecilia. She brings a rare energy that just doesn’t quit; indeed, she is the consummate performer (and writer and producer and more) who leaves nothing on the stage following a performance.  We are confident that our upcoming feature on this Peruvian gem will be nothing short of entertaining and enlightening for our readers on the blog.

But there’s more to Cecilia, much more.

As an individual Cecilia is all inspiring and nothing short of astounding. Cecilia suffers from Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease.  Lupus, which Cecilia pointed out to us means “wolf” in Latin, has certainly met its match with this great lady.  Not to be bested by any challenge, Noel has gone on to establish herself as an innovator of Latin music and she has no plans of stopping.  In fact, Cecilia has even gone so far as to create her own genre called “salsoul.”

So, for all the accolades and accomplishments–and there are many–Cecilia is well deserving of serious recognition.  IMG_2184Indeed, we found her work on her latest album entitled Havana Rocks (released September 9, 2014 (Compass Records)), to be groundbreaking. But it was the grit, determination, and sheer perseverance of this lady that caught our eye on this night.  Noel won’t quit and she won’t lay down.  She is intent on getting her music out to fans of Latin music in forms that some did not think was possible or even contemplate.  In light of the circumstances surrounding Noel and her condition, you are left with nothing but deep respect and admiration for the effervescent and multi-talented artist known as Cecilia Noel.  But make no mistake about it; Cecilia’s plight–despite being a great human interest story for her inspiring battle with Lupus–is also a celebration of a continuing and great career of a tireless performer, writer, and creator who is on a mission.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy our upcoming sit down with Cecilia Noel.  For fans of Latin music and Latin pop music this is a special treat.  If you know nothing of Latin music but want to learn about it, then you are about to embark on a great crash course on musical and creative excellence.  Please check out this video by Cecilia Noel from Havana Rocks as she performs her own Latin interpretation of AC/DC’s anthem, You Shook Me All Night Long.

Editor’s Note: In addition to everything else she does, Cecilia regularly performs with and is the founder of Cecilia Noel And The Wild Clams.  As Cecilia puts it, the group can be described as “James Brown meets [a] Pérez Prado type band.”  The group will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary on February 4, 2016 when it performs at The Catalina Jazz Club, located at 6725 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles.  For more information about the show you can contact the venue at (323) 466-2210.


Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




  1. Not to detract from her at all, but is the author of this article too young to remember the term Salsoul having originated in the 1970s? (think Salsoul Orchestra, etc.) It’s a bit odd knowing that bit of musical history to see that Ms. Noel “invented” the term. Perhaps she is *reinventing* a kind of Salsoul for the present times.


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