BREAKING NEWS: Zayn Malik Takes A “New” Direction

Depending upon your place in life you might react in different ways to Zayn Malik’s announcement today that he is leaving the boy mega band, One Direction. For example, for the “Directioners” amongst us I am sure Malik’s departure is indeed devastating news. To those belonging to an older generation this may not even be news at all and, to the larger “unclassified” adult masses (who don’t fall in either category) they might just simply be indifferent. But having seen the super pop band in person myself and having witnessed the hysteria, overhype, merchandise parades, the larger than life stage and, the over the top live show production, Malik’s announcement stands as a stark reminder to us all that no matter how much star power you have or how lucrative a project may be that sometimes other feelings, emotions, fears, or passions override that celebrity status and money. At least one or all of those things seemingly triggered something in Malik which prompted him to depart the group. On a purely commercial basis, it is difficult, if not impossible, to argue with One Direction’s overwhelming success. From a celebrity point of view, the megagroup has garnered attention in virtually every social circle around the world and whether you like their music or personalities or not, what they have accomplished under Simon Cowell’s tutelage cannot be underestimated. Yet, all that was apparently not enough for Malik or, the group was no longer the right fit.

Malik’s ultimate reason for leaving (i.e., the real one) is really his own business. It may be that we never truly find out what really led him to jump off one of the most luxurious ventures of all time. Surely, camp Cowell will ensure that well-wishing will make the headlines first to keep the masses happy, at least for the time being. Frankly, it really doesn’t matter what Malik’s reasons were. All we do know is that something overrode the celebrity and money of One Direction for Malik. That dynamic is really intriguing if you think about it but isn’t this a movie we have seen before?

You know, the peoples’ lives which are ruined or changed negatively after they hit the lottery—i.e., that illusive prize that we all dream of hitting? Or, the sons or daughters of some celebrities—whom we envy and yearn to be—when in reality these people just can’t seem to find their way in life despite being brought into the world with access to more possessions and money from birth than most of us every see in a lifetime. The point is that we sometimes wish for what we think we want but if we really had it, we might still not be happy or feel fulfilled. After all, wanton desires are often disguised illusions.

In the end, Malik’s departure from One Direction might be branded as a kids’ story but if you look closer, it really has some pretty heavy adult themes.







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