If you are a working drummer, Beato Bags’ Combo Bag is a necessity. I recently had the pleasure of trying out this unique product and I found it to be nothing short of amazing for the following reasons.

First, the Combo Bag is convenient; it dispenses with the need to carry multiple bags and if you work enough as a drummer you can appreciate the convenience factor.

Second, sometimes space on or around a stage (to store drum bags) is an issue and the Combo Bag minimizes your need to find space to store multiple bags.

Finally, with an exceptionally large strap on the Combo Bag this bag is actually more comfortable and easier to carry than carrying a bag that has a handle or strap.

I have always used Beato Bags and I always will however, my experience with the Combo Bag has clearly been a highlight for me. I have always loved the quality of my Beato Bags which can withstand almost any element or condition but with this product, convenience now becomes a new attraction.

So, if you are a working drummer check out the Combo Bags from Beato Bags. You will improve your comfort and efficiency away from your drum kit which will invariably lead to you being able to devote more attention and energy to your drumming which is a good thing.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor