Last week we responded to a report on that questioned Jon Bon Jovi’s continued vitality as a singer. To test that report we referred the question to you, our readers. The result? You guys largely disagreed with the report and found that Bon Jovi’s vocals were on solid ground and furthermore, you told us that even if Bon Jovi was not in the same form that he once was that that was okay too.

JBJ Part 2 2Now, another report is circulating through various media outlets about Bon Jovi’s vocals because last night the crooner cut a show short at Pittsburgh’s PPG Paints Arena.  As is being reported by many, Bon Jovi addressed the crowd in Pittsburgh and he said: “I think I’m singing like s— tonight, and I apologize….but I’m gonna keep pushin’ on and if you stick it out with me, I’ll stick it out with you.”

I think we’ve talked about this issue enough. All singers have issues and Bon Jovi is not the first, nor will he be the last, to do so. I cannot count how many times I have seen a band live and they do not come close to replicating what was on the record. I have also seen national acts on “off” nights. So what?; it happens. The human voice is a very fickle and delicate instrument and I think we all understand (or should understand) that there are no replacement parts for it. The point is let’s move on. (Apparently, you guys–his fans–are ready to do so). If there is a problem I am sure that Bon Jovi will come up with a solution one way or another; I think he has already proven he knows how to build and maintain a career in music.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor