A short while ago a very unflattering video surfaced on YouTube which exposed Courtney Love’s guitar playing and vocal abilities. Now, in a new lawsuit brought against her, Love’s credibility is under fire. In Bozza v. Love, in a complaint filed in a federal court in New York on April 24, 2015, an author claims that Love hired him to ghostwrite her memoir however, he alleges that Love breached the contract and that she refused to pay him the full amount due him. The author says Love owes him more than $200,000 in fees, expenses and other payments as set forth in their collaboration agreement.

According to the complaint Bozza, the author, is an accomplished writer who has written or co-written several books about celebrities, including Eminem, Tommy Lee and comedian Tracy Morgan. After writing a profile of Love for the New York Times in April of 2010, Bozza says he and Love executed a collaboration agreement under which he agreed to write the singer’s memoir. The agreement required Love to make herself available for interviews and Bozza to avoid other contractual commitments that would interfere with his work for Love. The agreement guaranteed Bozza a minimum of $200,000 from advances paid to Love and a maximum of $300,000 for his work as her co-writer.

Under the terms of their arrangement Love did not have to accept any manuscript Bozza submitted without revision, but in the event she used any portion of what he wrote, he was entitled to a share of the proceeds proportionate to what he contributed to any final manuscript, the complaint says. According to Bozza Love breached their agreement by not making herself available for months at a time, resulting in substantial delays to the project. In January 2014 Bozza claims he delivered a manuscript to Love and that she received a $400,000 advance from a publisher as the initial payment on a $1.2 million fee. Despite that, however, Bozza was only paid $100,000.

Bozza’s involvement was apparently not a secret as Love acknowledged his presence in interviews with Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. Additionally, Love’s publisher apparently called the manuscript “brilliant.” Despite all that, just last year Love told Bozza she was “trying to fix the book” and that she was working with a new writer, the suit says. Bozza then demanded payment but was rebuffed.

Bozza then learned that Love had proclaimed that she had “recently rejected her own ghostwritten autobiography” and that it was sent back to her publisher “because it was too revealing.” Love then announced in a July 2014 online article that her upcoming memoir, The Girl With the Most Cake, was due out soon. Finally, Bozza alleges that Love distributed his manuscript to other writers to use its structure and voice when rewriting it.

We will keep an eye on this one and hopefully Courtney showed the appropriate amount of Love under the contract. If not, she might put herself in a big Hole. Stay tuned.







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