Updated: October 3

Prior to Sam Smith releasing Writing’s On The Wall–the new James Bond theme song from Specte–there was speculation about whether Smith could top Adele’s Skyfall–the 2012 track from the Bond flick of the same name. Well, the tribe has spoken and so has Smith; historically that is. Sam Smith

Smith’s track has made history by scoring the first ever number one in the UK charts for a James Bond theme song.  The Spectre theme shined with 70,000 combined sales and streams.  That is 13,000 ahead of the closest competitor, Justin Bieber, the performer of What Do You Mean?  Think Sam Smith was thrilled?  Here’s what he said:

“It was such an honour to be asked to write and record Writing’s On The Wall and it’s incredible that it’s become the first Number one Bond theme song.”

Editor’s Note: Interestingly, Smith will release the full music video at 00:07am on Monday October 5, to coincide with the Global James Bond Day.

Updated: September 25

Early this morning Sam Smith announced the following via Twitter:

What followed next was the release of the new bond theme song (Writing’s On The Wall) which is now available on iTunes. It’s also worth noting that Smith himself, in an interview with BBC News, stated that it took about 20 minutes to write the track. That’s a pretty good rate of return huh? Anyways, check out this interview and the new track. It’s definitely captured the bond feel.

September 23, 2015

Sam Smith Has A Great Bond-ing Experience

On November 6 the new James Bond film Spectre is slated for release however, this Friday Sam Smith will help pave the way for the flick with the release of the theme song to the movie.  The track is called Writing’s on the Wall. Smith just posted a teaser on his Twitter account for the track and it sounds great. Check it out.

Smith was also back on Twitter voicing his feelings about performing the theme song with this pair of Tweets:

Spectre is the 24th film in the Bond series and from all we are seeing so far the movie appears to continue the Bond tradition of captivating audiences with fast paced action which is intertwined with a riveting soundtrack. Good job double-S.

Promotional poster for Spectre
Promotional poster for Spectre


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