Just a few days ago we reported on the unfortunate death of former STP lead singer Scott Weiland and you can read our blog here. In the days following his passing former bandmates (including STP) have came out and released statements more or less eulogizing Weiland who obviously was plagued with vices for much of his career.

However, one of the more compelling and candid remembrances of Weiland comes from his former wife who penned a letter about her former husband and their family. The letter was published by Rolling Stone and you can read it here.

Mary Forsberg Weiland (l.) and Scott Weiland (r.)
Mary Forsberg Weiland (l.) and Scott Weiland (r.)

Mary Forsberg Weiland’s emotional and frank letter is a sobering reminder that entertainers–whether they be athletes, actors, or musicians–are also people too and although we typically focus on the careers, accomplishments and feats of the artist or athlete who passed that is not the whole story.  We sometimes lose sight of the fact that indeed artists and entertainers are real people with real lives and real families behind them. What happened in the Weiland family is none of our business in either knowledge or judgment but we should also remember that by the same token, careers, accomplishments and feats are not our only defining moments.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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