The Best Encore—Jimmy Kimmel Style

This week’s Side B accolade goes out to late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel. His encore performance last night involving a young lady by the name of Danielle Perez is definitely Side B worthy.

Perez is a young lady who was a contestant on The Price Is Right in an episode that aired just this Tuesday. Danielle, to her credit and after some hard work, got the much sought after “Come On Down!” call and away she went. Danielle even went further and was ultimately successful in going to the next level which put her to the side of host Drew Carey where she was poised to give responses worthy of getting her prizes. Danielle, a nice looking and well spoken young lady, unfortunately is in a wheelchair and she has no feet. Thus, when Danielle found out that she had won a treadmill and a three person infrared sauna, the scene was somewhat awkward to say the least. (By Perez’ own admission she was momentarily unaware of the nature of the prizes because of her intense focus on the game and it was not until later that reality set in).


Despite the awkwardness, Perez, a comedian, handled the situation in stride and she exemplified class in the way she carried herself. She didn’t cry and she didn’t complain. Indeed, Danielle should be commended. A fine example of a human being if I say so myself.

However, that’s not the end of the story. Having the power to right the situation, Kimmel (the very next night or, last night) had Perez on the show and after a brief colloquy, he informs her that she is receiving an all expenses paid cruise. Wow. Now that’s cool, Jimmy. What an encore. Now that’s a Side B story that is a hit record, Jimmy Kimmel style. Nice work all.








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