Good job U.N.  You are representing the planet well with this one and for that you are deserving of today’s Side B mention.  What are we talking about? Well, here at Beato’s Blog we want to do our part to help share and spread the word regarding the United Nation’s proclamation of Sustainable Development Goals which were just adopted by the U.N. this past Friday in New York City. Essentially, these are goals and topics which are designed to improve the lives of people worldwide over the next 15 years.  If adhered to and realized by the global partners, significant positive change could be ahead for many people residing on this planet. These goals include:

1) Ending poverty;

2) Ending hunger;

3) Promoting well-being for all ages;

4) Ensuring quality education;

5) Achieving gender equality;

6) Ensuring access to water and sanitation;

7) Ensuring access to reliable and affordable energy;

8) Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth;

9) Building infrastructure;

10) Reducing inequality;

11) Making cities safe;

12) Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns;

13) Taking urgent action to combat climate change;

14) Conserving uses of the oceans and marine resources;

15) Managing forests and halting land degradation;

16) Promoting just societies; and

17) Revitalizing global partnerships.

The 2015 Sustainable Development Goals replace the 2000 Millennium Development Goals which were met with degrees of success.  It’s difficult to argue against the new goals and ambitions and we support them as to do various artists including One Direction, Jennifer Lopez, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and many others.  In fact, some of these artists–and more–are featured in the following video.  Please check it out.

Please help support this effort by sharing this message and getting the word out about a newly proposed global way of life which if achieved, will hopefully result in a better planet for us all.  For more information please also visit the U.N.’s website here.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor 




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