Folks, this is an easy one. This week’s Side B award gladly goes to the multi-talented and ever passionate performer known as Cecilia Noel. Noel, insanely talented and beautiful (inside and out), is a Peruvian born performer who gives it all to her audience. She is the spouse of former Men Down Under frontman Colin Hay and she also happens to be–get this–a performer, songwriter, producer, and bandleader, but most of all, she is a downright wonderful person. Hence, she gets this week’s Side B award which goes out to noble and wonderful performers who bring something positive to this world away from the music. In this instance however, Noel does both; she brings something positive while performing solidly as the class act that she is.


Here’s more on the “caliente crooner” and why she gets the award. Noel has just announced the release of her remake of The Divinyls’ 1990 classic hit, I Touch Myself. But there’s more. Noel’s remake was designed to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month which happens to be now, for the month of October. Although Cecilia’s rendition can be found on Havana Rocks, an album recorded in 2015, her release of this video is so well worth noting for not only the performance but also for the timing and presentation of it.


Editor’s Note: For those who are interested in breast cancer awareness, please visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation site here. October is in fact national breast cancer awareness month.

Check our Noel’s cover of I Touch Myself here:

Noel’s cover of I Touch Myself speaks for itself. Beautifully sung, the video features women in free form of all kinds. Plenty of pink abounds and Noel drives her point home beautifully. We can think of no better cause and we applaud Noel for her timely consideration of this most important health issue facing many women. Therefore, this week’s Side B award goes out to Cecilia Noel for her great work on this video and the underlying tune. In fact, if you want to check out Cecilia discussing her career and to find out more about Havana Rocks, please check our prior blog that we did on Cecilia here.

Okay, there is one more thing to keep this party rolling while we are talking about Cecilia. When it comes to Cecilia we are biased.  We admit it. So, we want you to check out one more video from this Peruvian performer.  Does she embody “party” or what? You CANNOT possibly be in a bad mood listening to this music and to prove our point, check out this video which was recorded in Hollywood:

Great work Cecilia. Nosotros te saludamos!

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor