K BoHey guys, it’s KBo from The Phil Engel Band and on behalf of the band I wanted to share with you a special campaign that we are promoting. This year the band is celebrating its 8th year together and during those 8 years we have met lots of great people. However, what has been particularly moving were several women that I met who are battling breast cancer. Indeed, statistics sadly show that 1 in 8 women in this country will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.

EvansIn choosing to honor and support these brave women I have teamed up the fine folks at Evans Drum Heads to come up with a beautiful new bass drum head for my drum kit. It is certainly our hope that anyone seeing this drum head will be reminded to remain vigilant for not only themselves but for others in fighting breast cancer as we can all band together to show our support for those afflicted with this disease.

Drums 1

And here’s the best part. October, as many of you know, is breast cancer awareness month. In September, after playing up and down the Jersey Shore during the summer months and being viewed by thousands of people, I will retire this head and have it framed and it will then it be my honor to present it to Mary’s Place By The Sea, which is located in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Marys place logoMary’s Place is a non-profit facility that does wonderful work and it serves as a respite for women who are receiving treatment for cancer. Mary’s Place has graciously agreed to accept the framed head for the enjoyment and benefit of its visitors. It is further our hope that there this head will serve as a reminder to all who see it of our unending concern and support. For more information on Mary’s Place By The Sea you can visit their website here.

Drums 2

So please join me and the band in raising awareness of breast cancer and in offering comfort to those brave women who are fighting or who have fought this disease.

Have a great summer and most of all, stay healthy.

Editor’s Note: I would be remiss if I did not mention the fine drums made by the folks at Canopus Drums which are featured in these pictures. Thanks so much to Shinichi Usada (Canopus’ president) for making such a great product.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor