It’s also worth noting that on Kill The Lights Bryan had a hand in writing six songs which is substantially more than on his prior album Crash My Party (2013) (Capitol Nashville).  crash

Says Bryan:

“On ‘Crash My Party,’ I really, really wrote a lot of songs, probably 40 or 50 songs prior to that album getting done.  Then I didn’t have but three songs on that album. And then with this album, I didn’t write but about 10 or 12 and a lot more songs landed on the album. So, I’m pretty excited about that.”

Reflecting on his inspiration for this record, Bryan stated: “I certainly want to keep the youthfulness and the fun going for as long as I can, too, but I also know that a lot more things in my life are a lot more serious these days, too. And that stuff will come out also.”  Interestingly, Bryan added that Kill the Lights is his best vocal performance to date.

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan

Here’s the track listing for the new record.  Bryan doesn’t disappoint on this record and it is definitely worth checking out whether you are a Bryan fan or not.

No. Title
1. “Kick The Dust Up” (3:10)
2. “Kill the Lights” (2:59)
3. “Strip It Down” (4:01)
4. “Home Alone Tonight” (3:10)
5. “Razor Blade” (3:41)
6. “Fast” (3:26)
7. “Move” (3:47)
8. “Just Over” (3:13)
9. “Love It Gone” (3:38)
10. “Way Way Back” (3:19)
11. “To the Moon and Back” (3:58)
12. “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” (4:38)
13. “Scarecrows” (3:38)
Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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