Nothing better than to start the new year with a healthy and inquisitive debate.  The issue is whether legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses is reuniting. Media reports from earlier in the week were swirling with accounts ranging from reporting that the reunion was a done deal to others which were quoting former members as saying that a reunion was far from a firm commitment.

Editor’s Note: As examples of two reports that are diametrically opposed to one another, check out these stories by Sky News and Entertainment Weekly.

Perhaps the most telling clue came from former G & R frontman Axl Rose who Tweeted the following:

There is no doubt that a G & R reunion would be a big deal. In fact, the “reunion” which is allegedly on the table would be a huge one in and of itself; Coachella in April. If this happens this would be the first time that the band would perform together (as in Rose and Slash) since July 17, 1993.  Billboard is even reporting that a “reunion” would be more than a one night stand and possibly stretch into a 25 show North American tour.

Hopefully an answer is forthcoming shortly as Coachella usually puts out their artist lineups in January and January is now here. So, will this be a Welcome To The Jungle moment or a Used To Love Her moment? Only time will tell.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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