Cheikh-Ndoye-FriendsIf you are into jazz and you are in the NYC area next weekend (April 15) you are in for a big treat as Senegal native Cheikh NDoye, master bassist, composer, arranger and accomplished musical artist comes to town for a CD release party for his new record entitled, Sons Of Africa. Ndoye is well known in jazz circles as he has successfully married his jazz influences to world music while complimenting that with Ndoye’s rich Western African Heritage. Joining Ndoye is an all-star lineup which features, among others, accomplished violinist Karen Briggs (formerly with Yanni) and Grammy-winning drummer Raul Pineda, who is one of the best Latin jazz players in the world. Band

To learn more, let’s hear from Cheikh himself about his upcoming series of shows on the East Coast including the show at Club Bonafide on April 15 in NYC (located on 212 East 52nd Street):

Sons of AfricaFinally, just to give you a flavor of what you are in for check out this video from the St. Louis Jazz Festival:

Enjoy the show.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor