Dear Friends, colleagues, and Beato supporters:

I am writing to you to express my thoughts and feelings as we turn the corner and head into the Summer of 2015.  This last year has been a whirlwind for sure as a lot has happened to me and my company.  Besides maintaining and growing my presence in the drum bag business, I have broadened my horizons and ventured into different markets.  I also completed an album with my dear old friend David Pack which I am really proud of.


Additionally, this year we launched Beato’s Blog, a musical blog which nicely compliments Beato Bags.  The blog is off and running and we have been regularly featuring discussions on a number of topics while also touching base with some of music’s greatest artists.  Of special importance to me, was our piece on Porcaro: A Band Of Brothers.  I was more than elated to help out the Porcaro family and my dear friend, Joe Porcaro.  The blog is doing very well and I would invite you to check it out.

With the Summer right around the corner, I am also about to embark for the Chicago Drum Show (May 15-17) which will take place in St. Charles, Illinois.  The Chicago Drum Show is the world’s largest and longest-running event of its kind and it is a drum expo and major entertainment event. There are clinics, demonstrations, raffles, classes, and over 30,000 square feet of exhibits.  This year I will have a booth at the show and by all means, if you are there, please stop by and say hello.  Believe me, this is a show you don’t want to miss.

This year, I am very pleased to be traveling to the show with my dear friend and owner of Canopus Drums, Shinichi Usuda.  It is such an honor to be with Shinichi and I will say this, when I record music I use Canopus Drums.  They are outstanding drums and I have never have been disappointed with them.  Simply put, they are a great product.


I fully anticipate that this will be a busy and enjoyable Summer and I hope that each and every one of you enjoy it.  I know we will be busy day and night working hard to continue to provide to you the best quality products that are available.  Additionally, continue to look for new and innovative features on our blog.  I want to thank everyone for their continued interest in Beato Bags and Beato’s Blog and I truly appreciate the support.  Have a great Summer.

Fred Beato






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