Female crooner Adele has done it again. The female phenom has a penchant for bringing people up on stage and from there, who knows what happens. This time it was a wedding invitation and–wouldn’t you know it–the pop icon accepted.

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This latest event occurred while Adele was performing at The Staples Center in Los Angeles. During her show Adele brought up a couple up on stage (Vince Rossi and Ryan Salonen) to join her after seeing the pair dancing “literally like there was no else here.” According to Adele her reason for selecting the couple was as follows: “I’ve spotted two people I would like to meet. There is a guy on the end with a beanie and long hair. He’s been dancing like no one was watching, but I was.” The overjoyed couple then reacted–after joining Adele onstage–by inviting her to attend their upcoming wedding in Montana.

Adele 2
Adele with the couple on stage

According to one of the pair, “We said before the show — and it’s so weird because I had dreams this would happen, I’m not kidding — and I said, ‘If we see Adele and we go up there, I want her to come to the wedding as a guest.”’ Well, upon asking Adele she responded by saying: “Oh, I’m free! … I would love to come! My tour should be over by then, so I’ll come.”

A selfie that the couple took with Adele
A selfie that the couple took with Adele


Check out a video about the event which was posted to You Tube by Vince Rossi:

Adele continues to amaze even when she’s not singing. Nice work Adele.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor