Along our way in life we sometimes have occasion to sit down and talk with an individual who has made significant and important contributions to their profession or trade. Roy Burns–the legendary performer/drummer, educator, and manufacturer (Aquarian Drumheads)–is one of those individuals. We recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Mr. Burns and he is as impressive as billed and we invite you to please take a moment to check out our interview with this icon below.

(from l. to r., Chris Brady, Roy Burns, and me)
(from l. to r., Chris Brady, Roy Burns, and me)

But first, we need to say something about Roy’s company, Aquarian Drumheads. After a brief tour of the warehouse–which must literally stock every kind of drum head known to man along with plenty of really great sound control accessories–we had the opportunity to meet with the Aquarian staff led by Chris Brady. The staff–to say the least–is accommodating, top flight, extremely knowledgeable, and as professional as it gets. Chris himself is an encyclopedia of sound; tell him what drums you play and what sound you want and he tells you what head will deliver your desired sound. Have a tonal issue or want to control issues with your sound? Chris can steer you towards an Aquarian product that can help. Aquarian 3 9 30 15

As to Roy himself, he is very giving of his time, engaging, and a wealth of knowledge about all things music. Indeed, he is a living legend. Please also take the time to check out the many videos that you can find online which show off Roy’s skills as a drummer. Roy’s performances are epic as are his skills as an educator and innovator. Indeed, we sincerely thank him for his time with us.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our sit down with the great Roy Burns.

Editor’s note: We also want to specially thank Aquarian staffers Gabriel Diaz and Jesus Estrada for their fine assistance in the filming of this video and the compelling and interesting tour of the Aquarian facility. Again, the Aquarian staff–and particularly Gabe and Jesus–are great people. Period.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor