In the ever changing fast paced world of the internet we sometimes forget about some of the more creative aspects of music. Sometimes the journey to find good music is almost as important than the destination. is a new site from design collective Open Work. They’re main focus is to give you a fun way to hunt for new music based on colors. For instance Weezer’s Blue Album would fall under the color “Spiro Disco Ball.”


“Our primary interfaces to our music look like spreadsheet apps,” says the site description. “They make it less likely that we would find something that falls outside of our normal musical tastes, something that lets us broaden our horizons, or expand our musical base.”

By arranging music based on seemingly-arbitrary album cover colors, replicates the black hole and disorder of digging through albums at the record store, choosing music for you based on album art alone. Once you’ve submitted yourself to the chaos and selected an album, the site then reveals info including track listings and a link to the iTunes store.

Once you go to the site you are greeted with a color wheel. Simply just choose a color you’re feeling at the moment and see what your matches are.


To find out your own musical color palette here.




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