We are pleased to announce that a friend of Beato’s Blog, Tom Croucier, has just released a new video and track which is entitled, My World Too.

Tom reflecting on his days with the Scorpions
Tom reflecting on his days with the Scorpions

The track will be featured on an upcoming self-titled album simply called Tom Croucier. Croucier is a seasoned professional who has had stints with Santana, The Scorpions (Tom played bass on the Scorp’s Blackout album which included the hit track No One Like You), Flo and Eddie, and, The Turtles, among others.  Tom has also collaborated with various song-writers in the Los Angeles area.

My World Too, which was written by Tom, features Croucier performing all vocals (Suzanne, Tom’s wife, also contributed to the backing vocals) and playing all the instruments on the track except drums. (Also joining Croucier on the track is George Marinelli who played electric guitar). Croucier, who also produced the video himself, tells us that the song has a simple message. Said Tom:

“I wrote this song, believe it or else, after I had a telephone conversation with a friend. We didn’t have the best conversation and it made me think about what’s really going on in this world with people. Tom 2There are so many unhealthy relationships nowadays and with all the unrest in the world, I just wanted to convey the message that we are all in this together and, even though cliche, that we need to give peace a chance. We have to learn to live together. Simple as that.”



Check out the video for My World Too:

Editor’s Note: For more information or to purchase the song, please visit Tom Croucier’s page at CD Baby here.

Great work Tom, we are looking forward to your forthcoming album.

Tom's wheels are always turning
Tom’s wheels are always turning
Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor