Someone once told me that “dynamite comes in small packages” and does that ever describe our next featured artist.  She’s vivacious, innovative, and very creative and she’s none other than the Latin dynamo herself; Cecilia Noel. Producer, writer and performer, Cecilia does it all and she was gracious enough to take a few minutes to talk to us about her career and her new album entitled Havana Rocks.

Cecilia Noel
Cecilia Noel

Editor’s Note: Cecilia and her band, The Wild Clams, just celebrated their 25th Anniversary and we invite you to check out a moving tribute video that was posted by none other than Tris Imboden, the drummer for Chicago.  You can find that video on our Facebook Page (type in Beato’s Blog). So please enjoy our sit down with Cecilia.  What an entertainer. What a lady.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor

K Bo and Cecilia





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