“I make sure I sing a cappella to let people know I can sing.”

We here at Beato’s Blog always look for new and interesting talent and when it includes the youth of tomorrow going for it and trying to make a name for themselves, we just can’t resist. What are we referring to?  Well, we take you to the great State of Florida and Florida State University in Tallahassee (home of the Seminoles) to bring you a fascinating a cappella group known as Acaphiliacs A Cappella.

The Acaphiliacs A Cappella performing live
The Acaphiliacs A Cappella performing live

Founded in 2010 the Acaphiliacs sport some fresh and energetic talent that is simply something to watch and it’s really infectious. To find out what we mean, check out this video for the group’s single entitled Sunday Candy.

According to the group’s Facebook page they strive to create and inspire “innovative a cappella.” AAA 2The group also has had success placing 3rd, 2nd, and finally 1st place at the three South ICCA Quarterfinal competitions. In 2015, the Acaphiliacs competed in SoJam for the first time and progressed through the first two rounds, as well as placing second at their 2016 Quarterfinal. Most importantly, the group hopes to shortly release its first full length album. If you are interested in helping this terrific young group of musicians, please visit their GoFundMe page here.

What else can you say about this young group but to be impressed and entertained? There is no flash, pyrotechnics, or gimmicks with these young performers; just pure soul, passion and talent not to mention lots of vocals. Great vocals. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen.

Editor’s Note: You can find out more about the Acaphiliacs A Cappella at the following:

Twitter: @AcaphiliacsFSU
Instagram: @acaphiliacsfsu
Youtube/Google+: A’caphiliacs FSU

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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