Last year was a big year for mega-pop band One Direction.  There were many records broken, another stadium mega tour, and, much much success for the group on many levels.  In fact, the band was overwhelmed with success of epic proportions.  But, despite all that all was not perfect in 1D land.  Earlier in the year Zayn Malik announced that the group, and what it stood for, was not for him and he left the band. Since then, Zayn has come out with teases of what he would be putting out in terms of material however, it was not until this past Friday that Malik finally dropped a sample of what he can do–solo style.

Pillowtalk is the first single from the former 1D member and the video is arguably light years away from something like What Makes You Beautiful; both in appearance, theme, and language.  So that then begs the question; now that Zayn has surfaced what does his former fan base think of Pillowtalk?  Additionally, will this adult themed track spur the remaining members of 1D to follow suit?   It is sometimes difficult to fathom that artists who have found an incredibly successful formula would leave it for the sake of being true to their art and themselves but maybe in Malik’s case leaving was the right thing to do.  What do you now think of Malik’s departure in light of Pillowtalk?  While you think about that check out Malik’s video for Pillowtalk:

So, Directioners, what do you think?  What’s the verdict?

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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