Here at Beato’s Blog we are all about music; covering all styles from all kinds of angles. Along those lines, I would submit that with today’s piece we are shooting from a very different angle. Let me explain. This feature relates to the Danbury Whalers professional hockey club which is domiciled in Danbury, Connecticut. The Whalers are part of the Federal Hockey League which is founded in the Northeast. In this piece I decided to explore what professional athletes think about music and how it affects their workplace, if it does at all. So, I thought I would start my fact finding in Danbury; on ice.

To help us out enter three of my favorite Whalers players; Julian Fraser, Ryan Patsch, and, Matt Caranci. Respectively, Julian hails from Calgary (Alberta), Ryan from Philadelphia, and Matt is from Toronto. In a moment, what these young men are going to share should prove to be interesting and different.

However, let me first just make some basic observations about this topic.

Many of us can relate to music at a professional sporting event. In fact, many of us can even relate to the “rush” that certain music creates at certain events (and going further) at certain points in the event itself. For example, who was not moved when Mariana “Mo” Rivera would trot in from the bullpen at Yankee Stadium to Metallica’s Enter Sandman? Or, to keep it in the hockey realm, how about the riveting hockey anthem entitled Rock and Roll Part 2 (Gary Glitter (1972))? If you are a hockey fan and your team blared out this anthem immediately following a goal being scored you know the house was rocking. For you basket ballers, the classic Charge (Tommy Walker; 1946) played on an organ is a regular occurrence used to rile up hometown fans. Even beyond those domestic examples, how about how music has impacted certain international events like the Olympics? (Indeed, the importance of music and the Olympics dates back to the ancient Greeks). 

But if you really want to talk about music and sports colliding, it bears honoring the very recent passing of Ed Sabol. Ed and Steve Sabol (Ed’s son) became pioneers in the sporting world when they paired epic musical tracks to weekly NFL highlights. The result was the classic NFL Films. For the baby boomer generation nothing was more compelling than listening to the inspirational and majestic soundtracks offered by NFL Films while watching professional football.

Indeed, music does matter in sports.

So, with all that in mind I want to know; how does music impact and/or influence the athlete him or herself? Let’s ask some professional hockey players.

(Editor’s Note: Glitter’s stadium anthem was indeed riveting however, Glitter’s serious legal troubles in 2006 largely derailed the use of the song. Starting with the NFL many leagues subsequently banned the tune for fear of lining Glitter’s pockets in light of his legal transgressions. Nevertheless, before Glitter’s legal calamity Rock and Roll Part 2 was a popular mainstay in many sporting events in this country).





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