Me with Chris Brady and Mr. Burns

It is with such a heavy heart that we observe the passing of Roy Burns, a drumming legend in the music community. “Mr. Burns,” as we affectionately referred to him here at Beato’s Blog, passed away earlier today at the age of 82. To say that Mr. Burns will be missed is an understatement. Mr. Burns was a drumming legend, a profound teacher, an innovator, and, a founding principal at Aquarian Drumheads.

Beyond his great knowledge, skill and amazing contributions to the music and drumming communities, Mr. Burns was a genuinely kind and humble person. A few years back we had the pleasure of doing a sit down with the man which we are re-posting below in his honor. At the conclusion of our sit down Mr. Burns retired to his office and I was told to wait a minute. Moments later Chris Brady (Mr. Burns’ right hand man at Aquarian) emerged to hand me one of Mr. Burns’ recordings. Realizing my great interest in his career and his thoughts on the music business, Mr. Burns made it a point to give me one of his CDs as a gesture of his kindness and appreciation. To me, that unsolicited special touch showed me how thoughtful this man was. I revered him for the way he carried himself.






Mr. Burns was a class act through and through and anytime that I have ever spoken with Chris Brady I have always made it a point to ask about the man. Mr. Burns will sorely be missed. He was a pioneer, accomplished performer, and truly an icon but above all that, he was a gentleman. In honor of this man we are re-posting below–in tribute to a true legend–our sit down with Mr. Burns. Rest in peace sir.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor