We all know that Ludwig makes some of the finest drums in the world. We also know that Ludwig has partnered for a long time with epic drummer Alex Van Halen. Now, Ludwig has joined forces with AVH to come out with Ludwig’s first “supraphonic” signature snare drum and the signatory on that drum is of course, Alex himself.

The Alex Van Halen supraphonic signature snare drum is a masterpiece. Aesthetically, the drum is beyond reproach. As an instrument, it sounds magnificent and it will surely not disappoint.

But there’s more. The AVH supraphonic signature snare is 6.5″ X 14″ and the shell comes signed by Alex himself. Furthermore, the beautiful brushing finish on the shell is done by Alex’s own drum tech, John Douglas. The AVH signature snare also comes with copper die-cast hoops, a copper badge, and a custom Anvil hard case.

The AVH badge is a special touch

Finally, the drum comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by both Alex and John Douglas. if you are a drummer this is a special drum indeed; if you are a fan of the band Van Halen this is a very special collectible item. If you like Ludwig Drums, this is business as usual; putting out outstanding products.

The only drawback to this wonderful drum is the fact that there were only 200 made worldwide and Ludwig tells us that they are now in the processing of shipping them out in response to the overwhelming public demand. Thus, it may be difficult to get your hands on one of these beauties. However, that also speaks to the uniqueness of this drum in that it is–and should be–a limited addition. I myself feel that the limited edition is the more appropriate treatment for AVH’s signature snare; it really is that special. Nice work Ludwig.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor