We here at Beato’s Blog are so excited for Grammy Winner (and multiple Grammy nominee) Raul Pineda as Latin Percussion (LP) has released the Raul Pineda signature cowbell. Available in 7″ and 8.5″ versions, this cowbell came about after a collaboration between Pineda and LP which aimed at capturing a particular sound that the innovative and independent playing Pineda has incorporated into his Afro-Cuban and Latin performances for quite some time. In addition to his Grammy Winning and Grammy nominated performances, Pineda has established himself as a worldwide performer (he is currently on tour in Australia with Omar Sosa), educator, and, clinician and so it makes sense for LP to have teamed up with him to develop this superior product.

Photo credit Mandy Gewa

In talking about this product and interacting with Pineda, Derek Zimmerman (LP’s Brand Manager) had this to say: “Raul came to us looking for a specific sound and aesthetic that would work for a multitude of musical applications. He also wanted something that was specifically designed to be played with a pedal. After working with him and our USA cowbell factory we are extremely happy that we have been able to realize his vision.”

Check out this promotional video which LP has just released about Pineda and his signature product:

Players will be impressed with the product too which features a one-piece steel construction and an impressive Antique Bronze coating. These cowbells also feature a patented vice-clamp mount that fits rods from 9.mm to 12.5mm. An included memory lock ensures exact placement every time.

To get your Raul Pineda signature LP cowbells visit these two links (seven inch)  (eight and one-half inch).

I would highly recommend this product for any player regardless of which style you play. It is a quality piece that comes from a quality company which collaborated with an epic player. That sounds like a recipe for success. Way to go Raul and LP.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor