A few days ago a fellow was searching for a parking space at the Manasquan Inlet; a NJ shore town just a few miles south of Asbury Park. While moving into his spot he noticed two motorcycles parked next to his and then looked up to see that the motorcycle’s’ owners were standing just a few feet from them. One of the guys was just an ordinary joe. The other was Bruce Springsteen. As related in our last conversation the fellow parking his car was also shut out from Springsteen tickets. Except this particular gentleman now had the opportunity to vent to Bruce concerning his dilemma. He approached Bruce and said hello and mentioned being shut out of the NYC shows on account of them selling out so quickly. ‘Bad for you and good for me I guess!’ was Bruce’s clever reply. But then Springsteen being Springsteen, he followed up by asking the person for his contact info and he promised to have someone get in touch with him concerning the procuring of tickets. Photographic evidence of the convo below…

In the early Fall of 1978, a cousin of mine, then a freshman at the University of Georgia by way of Spring Lake, NJ was standing outside the Fox Theater where Springsteen was preparing for two sold out shows. Suddenly, out of a side door, Springsteen appears. My cousin mentions he’s from the Shore. Bruce asks if he’s coming to the show. Cousin shrugs and says it’s sold out. Bruce replies to another guy there,

“Jimmy, Jimmy…take care of this guy!’

At the will call window that night were two tickets, seventh row center. Boom.

Now I’m not one of these guys that believe in Bruce do or die. He’s no saint and has foibles like the rest of us. But he seems to be cognizant that he’s leading an extraordinary life. Something he couldn’t have manufactured on his own. And he uses the platform that he’s given to shine the light on others and allow folk into the extraordinary of life that most of us wouldn’t ordinarily be able to touch.

Case in point…in the Spring of 2014 at a Springsteen concert in Houston, Bruce called up the Flores Brothers to sing ‘No Surrender’ with him. I’ll let the video do the talking from here, but be sure to check out the faces of the band towards the end of the clip. The Flores’ were giving the E Streeters something they couldn’t give themselves. That’s what it’s all about. Giving of yourself. Those of you with your 40 million Instagram followers might want to take note. How are you utilizing your platform?




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