Gary Conte (l) and Chris Totaro (r)

New Jersey’s own The Big Ones (Chris Totaro-vocals & Gary Conte-guitars) have just released their new single entitled Along For The Ride and the feeling is that this rockin’ song is cruising right down the highway. Featuring catchy rhythms, great vocals and rock solid drums (c/o New Jersey’s own Scott O’Ferrall a/k/a “Skotzo”), this Jersey pairing has taken several steps forward with this track. Speaking on the release, front man Chris Totaro expressed his satisfaction with not only the music but also the accompanying video which he thinks fans will enjoy. Indeed, the video for Along For The Ride captures and presents some welcome scenery as Jerseyans brace for a winter season. However, despite the impending cold The Ride will be sure to warmly distract viewers in the coming frigid months.

The combination of Messrs. Totaro, Conte and, O’Ferrall is really starting to gel with advancements in writing, composition, and performance and that is evident with this release. Fans can look for the group to be performing throughout New Jersey in 2021 and undoubtedly Along For The Ride will be a popular request.

In the meantime, check out the video for Along For The Ride below:

Rock on Big Ones!

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor