There are many people in the music industry who have made significant contributions to our art form and some have even left their proverbial fingerprint on it. One of those special contributors is the founder and president of DW Drums, Don Lombardi. DW Drums are world renowned and commonly thought of as the drummers’ first choice. If you have had the pleasure of playing a DW kit you know what I am talking about. In fact, you would get the same reaction from drummers around the world who perform with some of the planet’s best artists as many of the best drummers in the business play DW.  Indeed, DW Drums precede their reputation of excellence. However, most of the successful businesses out there did not start that way; they had to be built one brick at a time. Trial and error, hard work, perseverance, and sometimes plain luck played a part in the growth and development of game changing businesses like DW Drums.

To further break that down, behind each successful and thriving business are good people. In that regard, DW is no exception. I have known Don Lombardi for a long time and have always considered him one of the most innovative persons I have ever met. A hard working and honest man, Don simply did not quit and to his credit DW Drums is largely considered the premiere drum manufacturer in the world largely due to his unwavering commitment to excellence. But when my editor and I spoke about interviewing Don, we wanted to go deeper. We wanted to find out more about the person behind DW. We wanted to explore the “heart and soul” of the company and I hope with our feature you will agree that we have found it. Please enjoy our sit down with DW’s own Don Lombardi.

Fred Beato, Editor-In-Chief




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