Editor’s Note: The above picture was taken just before Chicago and Wally took the stage in Billings, Montana. Photo credit: Walfredo “Wally” Reyes, Jr.

With the leg of the current Chicago tour that involves Earth, Wind & Fire coming to an end tomorrow Chicago and Wally have been out West and as Wally tells us, he has had the opportunity and pleasure to have explored the rich history that this part of our country offers.


As Wally explains this part of the tour has been unusual in that these are sights that are unique to our nation. “These past couple of days out West have been incredible. For example, on one of the days Tris [Imboden] and I met this miner man and he taught us a lot about Montana nature.” Indeed, check out these amazing items which are called “Moss Agate” stones.

Moss Agate stone

Montana miner

The sightseeing also included some interesting time off in Oregon and South Dakota. Said Wally:
“After an amazing concert in Eugene, Oregon, we had a great and much needed day off in Portland. We found great coffee places and restaurants there. We then flew to Sioux Falls and Tris and I visited this amazing place called the “Brennan Rock & Roll Academy” which is in Sioux Falls. Their mission statement is pretty interesting. They seek to help children uncover and develop their love, passion and talents through the power of music.The Academy is open to any child 6-18 years old that lives in Sioux Falls or the surrounding area and they learn to play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums as well learning how to sing. It’s pretty impressive stuff.”
Wally and Tris Imboden visit the Academy (Photo credit Wally Reyes, Jr.)
Wally and Tris Imboden visit the Academy
Tail of the shark


Editor’s Note: To find out more about the Brennan Rock And Roll Academy, please visit their website here.
Here’s the best part about the visit. Can you imagine being a musician in the Academy and Wally and Tris Imboden come walking in? Well, as you can see some folks were in for a pleasant surprise which included the duo taking photos and giving autographs. Nice job Wally and Tris.


Tris and Wally meet students


Tomorrow Chicago and Wally will be in Omaha and then Chicago will head down to the Southern United States. It will be interesting to hear from Wally about this upcoming Southern leg of the tour that will be done without Earth, Wind & Fire.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor