It’s not everyday that an iconic band will make mention of you in their book. However, for our next guest that’s exactly what happened. Enter L.A./Vegas based Chris Vranian and in the recent book by the band itself, which is entitled Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin (2018; Reel Art Press), Mr. “V” was given an acknowledgement for his contribution to the project. For us here at Beato’s Blog that was enough to pique our interest but with this music aficionado there’s more, much more.

Fashion designer Claire Jane Vranian (l), Roger Daltrey (c), and Chris Vranian

Mr. V is also an agent for many nationally known photographers and in his career he has built himself quite a reputation for being in the know when it comes to music and photography as well as everything else in between.

You never know who you will see with Mr. V

Additionally, as the founder of Rock And Roll, which can be found here, visitors can check out an amazing online art gallery that Vranian has assembled and which sports unusual and unique photos and prints of music’s most famous artists. Clearly, Vranian knows where to find the pulse.

Eloquent but direct, Mr. V tells you what you need to know about the business and what you need to know to capture that “moment” when everything is happening. Therefore, please take a few minutes to check out our interview with Chris Vranian below. Very interesting stuff Mr. V.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor