Fans of the wildly popular Jersey shore band Colossal Street Jam have to be excited that CSJ has just announced a release party for their latest material. On September 7 CSJ will be debuting songs from their new EP entitled Just Take Hold at Asbury Park’s Langosta Lounge. The EP features the following 5 tracks:

  1. Green Eyed Lady
  2. Just Take Hold
  3. Lucks Gonna Turn
  4. MAMA!, and
  5. Tomorrow, I’ll Hang
CSJ recently opened for RRHOF member Glenn Hughes formerly of Deep Purple

CSJ has recently been turning heads by consistently performing at a high level and leaving their fan base–which is rapidly growing–feeling very satisfied. However, the impending release might just put them over the top. The EP opens with a very interesting interpretation of Sugarloaf’s 1970 classic Green Eyed Lady. Keyboardist Eric Safka adds some very authentic keys to the tune which also features talented guitarist Sal Marra on a talkbox. The track is intriguing to say the least.

Next up is the title track, Just Take Hold, and, in conjunction with the other 4 tracks on this EP, there is an obvious progression in musical talent and maturity on this record which goes beyond CSJ’s last effort which was entitled Living Free. (You can check out our review on the prior album here). That is not meant to diminish Living Free at all but rather to emphasize that with Just Take Hold the band is breaking through with this one. On this EP, lead singer Gene Potts has tendered a commanding vocal performance that leaves no doubt that Potts is controlling the game and not merely reacting to it. Potts, when partnered with the talented Marra, puts the up front portion of CSJ on very solid footing. Add to that the rhythmic foundation of drummer Dave Halpern and bassist Tony Flora and the core of CSJ is unshakable. That then leaves keyboardist Eric Safka who is a game changer for CSJ and on this record you can hear why.

Editor’s Note: Asbury Park magnate Sandy Mack also makes a guest appearance on this record on harmonica which is a nice touch and certainly worth checking out.

The material on this EP is indeed edgier than Living Free and it is arranged superbly. Additionally, this record really allows for the band’s immense talent to open up and be clearly on display. To hear what we mean check out CSJ’s rendition of Green Eyed Lady:


We called this band a while ago and told you to keep your eye on them because they are going places. If you still haven’t checked them out then you better do so soon because shortly they will be out of sight.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor