There are some people you meet along the way that you just can’t help but root for. One of them is the Jersey Shore’s own Nick Massaro, a veteran bassist who regularly performs with The Mike Dalton Band and The Jamie Brown Band. You might remember that back in September we did a feature on Patio Palooza, an annual end-of-summer Jersey Shore gig which is held in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, and you can read our prior blog here. No doubt this year’s Palooza was a great night indeed–as it usually is–however, this September night was really special. That’s because underlying that evening’s agenda was a noble and philanthropic effort to help Nick in his battle with cancer; both in financial and emotional terms.

But, as the Summer goes every September, it again left us. So did the buzz of that night and all that surrounded it. What stayed behind was reality, a sometimes unwanted companion which has a tendency to overstay its welcome. Indeed, we all have our reasons for sometimes wanting to exile reality. Undoubtedly Nick has his too.

However, being a man of fortitude, strength, and courage–while also being supported by the sheer grit and resolve of a good woman–Nick has fought, and continues to fight, the good fight and this story is not a sad one; it’s a great one.

Why? Because Nick is winning. Nick is winning just like the millions on this planet that take on cancer everyday in their own front yard and they won’t back down. . . . .ever.

So, we here at Beato’s Blog thought that it would only be fitting that we catch up with Nick to find out how’s he doing post-Palooza. This story didn’t end in September and we are here to tell you that the news is positive and nothing could be finer. So please take a moment to listen to our chat with Nick. His outlook and viewpoint is indeed humbling and for all of us, we can certainly learn something by his words.

Editor’s Note: You can find Nick’s GoFundMe campaign here. We here at Beato’s Blog also want to especially thank Chicago’s most excellent drummer, Tris Imboden, for his very special contribution to this piece. Tris is an outspoken advocate against cancer and his story is well known and you find out more about Tris and his fight in this report and look for Tris’s upcoming book which is aptly and tentatively entitled Beat It!

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor






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