Clocking in at around 64 minutes, Johnny’s record of guitar-dominated, hook-laden mix of classic and alternative rock runs through its 14 songs at a classic speed, piling up songs that lovingly conform to the three-four min song tradition.

Listen to “Oxygen”:
Johnny’s gnarled guitars unchain Johnny’s melodies and harmonies from being sentimental. Behind Johnny’s glittering hooks lies something darker — the self-loathing of “Oxygen” and the mental manipulation of “Release Me“ aren’t evident from the sound of the record, which annihilate any hidden meanings with its chiming guitars and driving rhythms.

The entire album might not have the consistent barrage of great songs like “Anchor’ and “Ride Along” what John describes as “Cow Punk” yet it tames the wilder impulses into a wide genre of tracks that rocks its worries away without ever getting rid of them. 

Johnny is not tied down to just his title of singer-songwriter. Something that you may not know John predominantly played all the instruments on the record except the drum tracks which were laid down by our own Ken Biedzynski along side some accompaniments of backup vocals and a few leads of Johnny’s close friends.

Hathaway, from Old Bridge, NJ can be found regularly playing the Asbury Park circuit at The Saint, Wonderbar, and the Stone Pony.

To find out where Johnny is playing next visit:

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