Claire Jane Vranian
Claire Jane Vranian

A common question fielded from many readers here on Beato’s Blog is “how do I look good?” In the case of a musician this is particularly important. Well, we have the answer for that: ICJUK by Claire Jane Vranian. Based in Las Vegas Claire has a great eye for fashion and flair and the proof of that is easily confirmed by checking out who wears ICJUK merch. Here’s a photo essay to show you what we mean.

One of the biggest supporters of ICJUK clothing and merch is Def Leppard’s own Joe Elliott and here is Joe pictured with members of Poison while Joe is sporting a custom ICJUK Musicfest Tee.

Joe Elliot

Here’s another pic of Joe Elliott wearing an ICJUK classic (Union Jack and Skull tee).

Union Jack and Skull Tee

Here’s the Chilli Peppers’ Chad Smith and iconic bassist Glenn Hughes with Glenn rocking an ICJUK Skull & Roses tee.

Chad Smith Glenn HughesFinally, here’s the very talented bassist Phil Soussan sporting another ICJUK creation, the “SlowRide” custom design (courtesy JustAfan Photography).

SlowRide design

However, let’s make this much clear; Claire is much more than tees. In fact, check out this video from Claire which further shows the many products that ICJUK offers for customers–both men and women.

So if you are in the market for looking good or need some ideas for great fashion we highly recommend ICJUK by Claire Jane Vranian. This is clothing and merch which will make any guy or girl look better than every and help you rock out in style. Check it out.

Editor’s Note: You can find ICJUK and Claire on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course, on ICJUK’s website.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor